Fire service

Fire service

From practical experience: Fire service

Rosenbauer Karlsruhe has been a customer of IGH Automation since 2008. We have installed several mobile test stands for testing main assemblies, a bogie test stand and a fault management system for this high-tech manufacturer of fire engines.

Custom solutions are our strength

We don't manufacture mass-produced goods, we develop customised and individual solutions to meet a customer's specific order. The example of Rosenbauer Karlsruhe GmbH & Co. KG illustrates this with particular clarity: All test stands are equipped with the "CAN communication" module for a secure connection to the unit under test, the "Testing" module for sequential processing of testing jobs and the "Dashboard" module for sequence-independent adjustment and for testing functions of the units under test.

Fully configurable test modules

The test stands at the preassembly quality gates ensure that only faultless subassemblies are installed in the assembly line. This significantly reduces diagnosis and repair times in the event of a fault. All testing tasks are configured by the company itself.

  • 100 percent testing of the functions in cage assembly
  • Tested and preadjusted subassemblies are delivered for final assembly
  • Reduced expenditure for tests and commissionin
  • Reduced diagnosis and repair expenditure in the event of a fault

 Time and cost savings in production

"By using the test stands for adjustment work, for quality control and for documentation, we have achieved significant time savings and therefore also cost savings in the rest of the production process. The use of AQIs has proved successful in cage assembly in particular. Every cage undergoes a 100% AQIs test of its properties and functions."

Hans-Peter Lörch
Technical Director, Rosenbauer Karlsruhe GmbH & Co. KG

Find out more about our function test benches for assemblies or our testing software via E-Mail.

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