Special vehicle

Special vehicle

IGH test bench solutions, marked on special vehicles

Safety in every job

Fire brigades, waste disposal companies or relief organisations (fire and disaster prevention) and also municipal authorities need vehicles that they can rely on. Stringent safety demands influence the design of the units. They require the highest level of technical know-how when testing subassemblies.

Our solution for burning problems

Efficient in quality control, with many variants in testing: We deliver full power for function tests on special-purpose vehicle components. These extend from cage, chassis or ladder test stands to screwdriver data acquisition and final inspections. Extremely strong – the many advantages of our solutions. For example reduced diagnosis and repair expenditure in the event of a fault. Or the service we provide – that's something that you can always rely on!


Anwendung: Prüfstände Feuerwehr

Fire Service

At the high-tech manufacturer of Rosenbauer fire engines, we have installed several test stands.