Air brake rack testing

Air brake rack testing

Test stand for air brake racks

With conventional solutions, air brake racks are removed from locomotives at regular intervals and overhauled. This is followed by complex reinstallation, various function tests and an enormous amount of mandatory documentation – only possible if staff possess specific know-how. What happens if a fault occurs now?

High time for zero-fault tests

This much is certain: If a fault occurs following repairs or maintenance, everything starts all over again – removing the air brake rack, locating the fault, repeating tests etc. With the universal function test stand developed by IGH Automation GmbH, removed and repaired air brake racks are tested for function and faults – for very different measurement variables depending on the configuration. Accompanying documents and checklists can be worked through and saved digitally. The unit is not released until the air brake rack has been declared fault-free. The amount of time required for function tests and documentation is significantly reduced. With both new and repaired air brake racks, the new test stand simulates all signals relevant to the subassembly. This is adapted in the test sequence depending on the locomotive type. Revision-proof documentation of all measured values is also guaranteed, and database-based logging is possible as an add-on.

  • The testing process is reproducible and transferable
  • Shorter test times thanks to automated test sequences
  • Shorter diagnosis and repair times when faults occur
  • Complete function test of the removed unit
  • Comprehensive documentation of the sequences and results
  • Digital saving and archiving of accompanying documents and checklists
  • Faults are detected while the unit is still in the workshop

Find out more about our test stand for air brake racks. Information about other function test stands for subassemblies is available from us via E-Mail.

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