Absorption circuit testing unit

Absorption circuit testing unit

Mobile absorption circuit testing unit PA-SK 116

We make your work easier when it comes to maintaining railway vehicles. With innovative testing technology for absorption circuit measurements. Previous measuring procedures were possible only when stationary and manually. That costs a lot of time, requires insider knowledge and involves a lot of administrative work.

Portable, highly accurate, fast

The mobile testing unit PA-SK116 allows absorption circuit measurements to be taken independently of location. Robustly constructed in an aluminium case and fitted with castors and carrying handles, this box weighs just 25 kilograms and can be used conveniently in railway vehicle maintenance workshops or outdoors. The measuring sequence is automatically controlled by the testing instrument. The operator receives concrete work suggestions after running through all the measuring cycles. With the final measurement, all data is digitally saved and output in graphic and table form as a PDF.

  • A portable testing instrument as a trolley
  • Precious time savings thanks to an automated test sequence
  • Saving on travel time
  • Optimum support thanks to operator guidance of the testing staff
  • Self-explanatory measuring and test sequence
  • Reproducible and transferable test sequence
  • Shorter turnaround times and thus shorter track occupancy
  • Shorter test intervals reduce mechanical wear on the drives
  • Rapid and reliable sequence
  • Automatic digital logging
  • Series of measurements can be called up again at any time
  • Faultless completion of testing tasks

Our wishes fulfilled

"While we didn't think that an automated absorption circuit test that included measured value acquisition and logging was even possible, IGH had a solution to hand straight away with the words "our everyday business". With the PA-SK116, our technicians and mechanics now have a compact and modern testing unit with automated turnaround. Now that all our needs are covered, we really do have everything that we'd wanted!"

Michael Steinberg
Head of Technical Service (long-distance), DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH, Krefeld

Find out more about our absorption circuit testing unit PA-SK116. Information about other function test stands for subassemblies is available from us via E-Mail.

Saugkreisprüfautomat PA-SK116 der IGH Automation
Praxisanwendung der IGH: Saugkreisprüfautomat bei der Bahn
Saugkreisprüfautomat PA-SK116 der IGH Automation