High degree of customer orientation via collaboration with IGH Automation

Froude Hofmann GmbH develops and manufactures a wide range of motor-powered test systems, including for the maritime, automobile, aeronautical and agricultural machinery sectors. The test systems are comprised of a large number of motor test stands & dynamometers. The company specialises in custom solutions. It has production facilities in Germany, Great Britain and North America, as well as sales and service centres in Australia, Brazil, China, France, India, South Korea, Spain and the Czech Republic. The German production works specialises in dynamometers.


Froude Hofmann GmbH has been a customer of IGH Automation since 2008. The collaboration started via a joint project with a tractor manufacturer. In that, Froude Hofmann supplied a highly complex dynamometer that was incorporated into our AQIs system. AQIs is the leading testing system in the customer's production. It organises the testing process and communicates with the vehicle bus.


In AQIs, the test sequence is run through on a job-specific basis for each tractor. AQIs specifies the test tasks and setpoint values to the control computer of the dynamometer, and logs the actual values and the test results. User guidance and visualisation are provided in AQIs. 


This successful collaboration between Froude Hofmann and IGH Automation in the constellation described has been implemented in other projects in many different sectors.

Benefit to Froude Hofmann


  • High degree of customer orientation
  • Competition advantage

Sales engineer Hartmut Hilbert answers a few questions about the AQIs project

Why did you choose the AQIs solution over other solutions?

Mr. Hilbert: Our products are flexible and customer-orientated. AQIs from IGH Automation is an established system for production optimisation that the customer used throughout the works. Connecting the two system was the obvious solution … and its success proved that we were right.


What did your customer want to achieve with the investment?

Mr. Hilbert: Our customer depends on the great synergies that arise through a successful combination of the competences of Froude Hofmann in dynamometer construction and IGH Automation with flexible and job-specific testing control and test documentation in the AQIs test.


Which of your objectives were achieved thanks to the AQIs solution?

Mr. Hilbert: We were able to complete the project effectively for us and to the customer's complete satisfaction.

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