What is AQIs

The Advanced Quality Inspection system AQIs (pronounced [a:kiss]) is a modular, database-supported client-server system that we developed and that you can parameterise to suit your tasks.


AQIs consists of modules that can be run individually or together. Comparable with an "office package" for your production. For example, there are modules for infrastructure, for testing, for the report, and for various communication interfaces. The portfolio is supplemented by Intranet modules for checklist editing and for fault management and error tracking. AQIs modules can be put together to precisely suit your needs and can be combined with each other exactly as you need them.


AQIs is based on universal software and can be integrated into existing IT landscapes. Customer orders are accepted from your ERP system with all ordered variants and options, and are used by all AQIs modules employed. In this way, every AQIs module automatically works correctly for every unit under test (UUT).


AQIs generates test instructions and carries them out automatically or via interaction with the tester. Measured and/or entered data is saved in a database and is made available for evaluations (reports, statistics, ERP…).


AQIs is extremely adaptable – to additional tasks, new components or changed production processes. This allows you to add further test stands or additional quality assurance responsibilities delegated to your AQIs system at any time. All functions are immediately available at every AQIs workstation. And with every extension, you use the already existing AQIs infrastructure. Via remote maintenance, we are able to immediately remedy any problems that arise.

AQIs is parameterisable

The tasks of all AQIs modules for production can be fully parameterised by the operator. We provide all customers with identical software. The testing tasks, setpoint values, classifying error code and all check points in checklists and layout templates for reports and statistics are parameterised. AQIs contains intuitively useable parameterisation tools for this. However, we also offer parameterisation services.


The data interfaces to ERP and other IT systems, along with the modular extendable sensors and the measuring systems of the test stands, are the only things created on a customer-specific basis for a company or an application. Different adaptations of UUTs with different interfaces to an AQIs test stand are configured via different adapter cables.


In the case of product or subassembly changes (own make or supplied), extension of your variants and options, changes to pin assignments, function and control changes, you can react yourself with re-parameterisation of the testing tasks and, if necessary, with modified adapter cables. No programming knowledge is required for this, and it is normally done by our customers without our participation.


Changed setpoint values and performance data and new parameters for your controllers are used transparently in AQIs.


This means that once made, investments in AQIs work stations remain ready for use, even if your products or your product range change.


Testing tasks can be carried out always, or as a sample of different power. This gives you leeway with the scope of testing. More attention can be paid to key areas of your quality, while subjects that cause no problems are assigned a lower priority.


A software updating contract guarantees you regular updates with the latest performance features and functions. The system remains ready for use at all times and does not get old.

AQIs is networked

AQIs is a database-supported client-server system. All AQIs work stations work with the same data inventory, whether they are measuring test stands, checklist and error tracking stations on the Intranet, AQIs rework control etc.


Consequently, the customer order with all variants and options, as well as all data relating to the UUTs (errors, measured values, parameters etc.) that were recorded earlier in the production process, are known at the subsequent stations and can be further processed.


Visualisation and report modules use this common data inventory, which means that they always deliver up-to-date information about your production.

AQIs can be localised

The user interface and all parameterised texts are localisable. This gives you the possibility of also providing the software for production locations in other countries.


The test assignments can also be parameterised in your company for the same or other series at different locations.


And the AQIs user interface can easily be adapted to the terms and designations that are normally used in your company.

AQIs can support multiple clients

AQIs can be parameterised so that with a company-wide installation e.g at your central IT facility, you can observe every works as one client.


Every works administers and parameterises its data independently of the other works and works only with its own test results, test errors and documented data. However, since all data from all works is saved in a common database, company-wide reporting, determining company-wide KPIs and connection to other IT systems such as your company-wide ERP system are also possible.

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